10 Filling Foods That Won’t Lead To Weight Gain

When you’re trying to stay within a certain calorie count, there is a bit of trial and error involved. For instance, a relatively small bowl of potato chips could easily absorb all of the calories allotted for lunch without filling you up. So now you’re out of calories, starving, and thinking about blowing your diet altogether.

A much better approach is to eat as many filling foods as you can so that the temptation to snack does not rear its ugly head throughout the day. Try eating these foods instead.


This grain has gained popularity in recent years for several reasons. First, it has a unique taste which goes above and beyond the blandness of, say, white rice. Second, it’s very versatile and can be mixed with many other types of food. Quinoa is also nutritionally dense and takes a while for your body to digest. This means that when you eat quinoa, you feel fuller for longer.


Steamed, baked, or raw, broccoli makes an excellent snack or vegetable portion of a larger meal. Broccoli consists mainly of two things: Water and fiber. Both of these things help you feel full and satisfied after eating them. Broccoli also is full of antioxidants and vitamins, so it’s a very nutritious snack as well.

Sweet potatoes

It is generally accepted that white potatoes don’t do you many favors when it comes to weight loss, but sweet potatoes should not be put into the same category. While sweet potatoes (or yams as they are sometimes called) are still starchy, they don’t have nearly the same impact on blood sugar or hunger that pure starches might.

A steaming hot sweet potato with a small pat of butter and a sprinkle of cinnamon tastes like a real treat and keeps you full for a long time.


If you are the kind of person who likes to eat crunchy snacks, it may not be the taste you are craving so much as the actual crunch. Raw celery makes an excellent substitute for chips, pretzels, or even hard candy. You still get to sink your teeth into something, but this time it’s a very filling and hydrating vegetable.

Low-fat Greek yogurt

People who don’t like traditional yogurt do tend to enjoy Greek yogurt, because they are two very different experiences. Regular low-fat yogurt can be runny and super sweet. Low-fat Greek yogurt is rich, creamy, filling, and ever so slightly tangy. Greek yogurt can be eaten by itself or mixed with healthy fruits.

Whole eggs

Eggs contain loads of protein and healthy dietary fat, both of which work together to make you feel full and satisfied. And no, you don’t have to throw away the yolk. The nutritional benefit from an egg is tremendous, so don’t be shy about eating the whole thing.

Chicken breast

Skinless baked chicken breast is one of the best sources of lean protein out there. As added bonuses, it is relatively affordable and also widely available. Remember, we humans are omnivores, so if you are feeling extremely hungry during the day, you may be able to address that problem by eating a tender, juicy portion of chicken breast. You will definitely stay full and satisfied for a long time.

Lean beef

Much like chicken, lean beef also helps to satisfy your body’s craving for protein and dietary fat. Look for cuts of beef without too much marbling, and keep portion sizes in mind. Otherwise, a nice piece of lean steak makes an excellent part of any meal, and it can help prevent snacking.

Bone broth

Broth made from bones is especially rich, satisfying, and filling. It can be drunk on its own as a hot beverage, or you can add vegetables and seasonings to it for a homemade soup. Whether you are using beef bones, ham bones, or even the leftover turkey carcass from Thanksgiving dinner, you can make a healthy and wholesome broth.


Some people are afraid to include fruit in their diet because of the sugar content, but when it comes to berries, there is nothing to fear. Berries have a relatively low glycemic impact, and they are full of vitamins, antioxidants, fiber, and water. In fact, when you are craving something sweet, turn to berries as a healthy snack alternative. You get that burst of juicy sweetness while also keeping yourself full.

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